Lucknow: A delegation of 40 prominent Muslims of Lucknow called on the BJP President Sh Rajnath Singh at his residence this afternoon and discussed the issues concerning the community. The delegation assured the support of Muslims to Rajnath Singh.

Mr. Anis Ansari, Vice Chancellor, Urdu Parsian University, Lucknow congratulated Singh for his historic step of constituting Hukum Singh Committee and including 16 castes of OBC Muslims under the EBC (extremely backward communities). Mr. Ansari detailed the concerns of the community, starting with the issue of religious discrimination facing the community under Article 370 under the Presidential order 1950, which he said even after 64 years, exists in a secular nation. He asked for OBC Special Component Plan on the Pattern of SC/ST Plan.

Mr. Syed Moosa Raza, President, All India Shia Conference said that it was BJP under Atal Bihari Vajapayee as Foreign Minister, which opened up doors of Muslims progress and which immensely contributed to India’s forex reserves at the time of crisis. He said the passport facilitation for Muslims and visa agreement with Gulf countries gave jobs to over 5 million Indians, majority of them Muslims, in Gulf countries from 1977 onwards. This step of Vajapayee has proved greater than all the welfare schemes of all the so called secular parties put together.

Mufti Shamoom Qasmi, General Secretary, All India Imams Organisation said that Hindus and Muslims are living as brothers. It is Congress and Samajwadi Party that attempts to divide us on communal lines. He wondered when BJP is fighting election on development and good Governance agenda, then why these so called secular parties are worried and are desperate to shifting the discussion to trivial issues?

Dr. Akhtar Ansari, National president, Momin Conference, expressed his full support for Rajnath Singh and said his community of weavers, which forms 40% of all Muslims, would stand by Rajnath Singh, since party has taken a clear stand to strengthen weavers.

Abdul Naseer Nasir, president of Dalit Christen - Muslims Front said that it is BJP alone, which can deliver for Muslims. He expressed his support on behalf of Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christens, who together form over 3 lac votes in Lucknow.

SM Asif, National President, Minority Morcha, which had its presence in Lock Sabha with 1 or 2 MPs till 2009, said that his party has fielded over 50 candidates from different constituencies in 2014 elections. He declared his support for Rajnath Singh for Lucknow constituency. Mr. Asif also owns In-Dino group of newspapers.

Other prominent persons who spoke on this occaisin included: Syed Warsi, Chief of Deva Sharief, Mr. Athar Hussain, Presient, CORD, Mr. Afzal Khan, writer, Maulana Zubair Ahmed, head of Anjuman Madarsa and Mr. Nafis Siddiqui, President, All india Ghani Taleem Marqaz.

Responding to the issues raised by eminent muslims at his residence, Sh. Rajnath Singh said that BJP never indulges in the politics of religion or castes. “our theme is sabka saath and sabka vikas”. He said that due to communication gap between BJP and Muslims, trust deficit has been created, which the so called secular parties are trying to exploit. He asked the delegation members to see the performance of BJP ruled states and their delivery for Muslims and decide accordingly. He asked if under any BJP ruled state, is there any bias against Muslims or any other religion or social group? Mr. Singh said that the party is committed to fully implement its manifesto, which has spelt out details for Muslims welfare.

The meeting was convened by Sh. MJ Khan, BJP National Executive Member. Mr. Khan, while introducing the delegation members said BJP has given a clear commitment to addressing all major issues of Muslims, ranging from security to equal opportunities to Inter-faith dialogue to protection and promotion of heritage and Urdu to economic advancement of the community.

Lucknow Mayor Dinesh Sharma was also present on the occasion.

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