New Delhi: Delhi Police has busted a gang of Wild Life Smugglers and arrested two accused Jaspal Singh and Mahender with 11 kg of Ivory. The approximate price of this Ivory in international markets is estimated to be Rs 70-75 lakhs.

According to Delhi Police, a secret information was received to SI G N Tiwari at Police Station Kotwali that two persons would come near Red Fort for selling pieces of Ivory Tusk. SI G N Tiwari shared this information with SHO/Kotwali who informed the Wildlife Department.

A team under supervision of Sagar Singh Kalsi, ACP/Kotwali formed and trap was laid near Upper Subhash Marg, Parade Ground Corner, in area of PS Kotwali. At 3:30 PM, One Jaspal Singh having a Jute bag, was apprehended on the pointing out of the secret informer, by the raiding party and a piece of Ivory tusk was recovered from his possession. After checking the piece of Ivory Insp. R. R. Meena and Insp. V. Bharti Dasan informed that this piece of Ivory is a contravention of schedule-I of Wild Life Protection Act 1972.

On enquiry, Jaspal Singh informed that his accomplice Mahender Kumar s/o Late Sh. Moolchand is sitting in a car near Sunhari Masjid, Nishad Raj Marg, and there are 3 pieces of Ivory in his possession.

So the raid was also conducted there and Mahender Kumar was found sitting in a Xylo car - DL 4C NB 7746 with three pieces of Ivory tusk, which come under the schedule-I of Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.

During interrogation, Jaspal Singh confessed that he knows Mahender Kumar who has given the piece of Ivory to him, for sale. Mahender Kumar confessed that these pieces of Ivory were given to him, some 2 months ago, by the owner of a transport company, Tri Nagar, Delhi, who has got the said Ivory from Assam. They confessed that, since then, they are trying to sell this material at area around Red Fort to the passerby/ foreign tourists.

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