New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley said that let all roads lead to Amethi. As campaigning for the last two phases for the 2014 elections reaches a climax all roads now must lead to Amethi. Narender Modi will be there tomorrow to address a massive rally at Amethi. The relationship of Amethi with its sitting MP is nominal. Despite having been a family stronghold for decades, Amethi remains one of the most backward constituencies. The infrastructure in Amethi is inadequate. It is a constituency where internal roads are not the object of envy. Many industrial units are sick. It is a constituency of people living in inadequate houses.

He further added that the tragedy of Amethi is that the voters were never presented with an alternative option. The BJP is determined to put up a fight for Amethi. Smriti Irani is a formidable candidate. Whenever her vehicle reaches any village it is greeted with loud cheers for her, the BJP and Modi. The situation is ripe for a strong anti-incumbency against the sitting MP. Tokenism is never a substitute for substantive performance in a constituency. Family ties are not the alternative to improvement in the quality of life of the electorate.
With a formidable candidate in place and a Modi campaign to back it, Amethi should be ready for a surprise. Amethi can be won by the BJP. Those of our cadres, in adjacent districts where polling is over in their constituencies, should reach Amethi to help the local workers in the campaign. Additionally, we must convince the electorate that a vote for AAP will only divide the anti-incumbency. Let
Amethi be an electoral battle right till the last vote is cast.

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