New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia invites Applications for students who wish to take a foreign language course independent of their degree programme. The certificate course enables students to acquire skills for effective communication and understanding in foreign languages which would enhance their employability in the fast changing-world.

These following language courses not only offer career options in translation, interpretation etc but also give access to archives and sources in these languages for pursuing academic research:

1) Certificate in French (Part-Time)

2) Certificate in Russian (Part-Time)

3) Certificate in Italian (Part-Time)

4) Certificate in Portuguese (Part-Time)

5) Certificate in Spanish (Part-Time)

6) Certificate in Turkish (Part-Time)

7) Certificate in Pashto Language

8) Certificate in Modern Persian

9) Certificate in Kazhaki

10) Certificate in Turkemenin

11) Certificate in Modern Arabic Language and Translation

12) Certificate in Uzbek

13) Certificate Course in Chinese Language (Intensive)

14) Certificate in Translation Proficiency in English (Self-Financed)

15) Certificate in Tourism & Travel Management

16) Certificate in Urdu

Guidelines for admission including eligibility criteria, schedule of admission and other relevant information are available at the University’swebsite www.jmi.ac.in

The Prospectus and OMR Application Form can be obtained on all working days except Sundays/Holidays) at counters of M/s Maktaba Jamia Limited located on Jamia campus on cash payment.

The last date for submission of OMR Application Form for the above mentioned Certificate Courses is May 15, 2014 while the last date of submission of Online Application Form is over.

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