New Delhi: BJP leader Arun Jaitley said that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has categorically said that his party would not support the Third Front. Its earlier track record does not inspire confidence in the statement. Parkash Karat has simultaneously said that for a ‘secular’ combination to come in place they will need Congress support.

If the NDA gets a majority on its own or is within a striking distance, the Congress need not take the trouble of cooperating with the Third Front. The NDA will then be a reality. These options arise only after there is a hung house. It is unlikely that the Indian electorate this time is going to give a half-hearted mandate.

The Left hopes for an indecisive mandate. Their best case scenario is that in a situation everybody else gangs up to keep the NDA out. Will this include TMC and the Left being on the same side or the BSP and SP, the DMK and the AIADMK to come up on the same side. Those who occupy the non-Congress space in their states will find it impossible to side with the Congress in Delhi. If they did side with the Congress in Delhi they will end up conceding their non-Congress space to the BJP. Indications are that the NDA is heading for a comfortable majority. The best case scenario for the Congress is a rag tag coalition to keep Modi out. The choice now is clear. It is either a Modi led NDA or a chaotic coalition. Obviously, a chaotic coalition cannot be an option.

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