1. Dr. B. Meenakumari Committee Report on Fishing submitted

Report of the Expert Committee constituted under the Chairpersonship of Dr. B. Meenakumari for comprehensive review of deep-sea fishing Policy and Guidelines has been received in the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture in August 2014.

Representations from some quarters have been received on the report. The report has been placed on the website of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries inviting comments from all stakeholders.

2. Nabakalebar Rath Yatra: To be Promoted as International Tourism Event

Tourism Ministry in coordination with the Petroleum Ministry shall take several measures for international branding and promotion of the Nabakalebar Rath Yatra.

It was decided that the Ministry of Culture will bring out Coffee Table Book and also make special documentary on the Rath Yatra. Coins and stamps will also be issued to commemorate the yatra.

The 2015 Rath Yatra has been named Nabakalebar Rath Yatra as this comes after 19 years. Tourism Ministry has already sanctioned Rs. 50 crore and Central Government will also supplement budgetary support as per the requirements of the event.

Both Petroleum Minister Mr. Pradhan and Tourism Minister Dr. Sharma shall undertake a two-day visit to Odisha on 20th and 21st March to review the preparations for the Nabakalebar Rath Yatra.

3. Dr. Alka Beotra: Member of the Executive Board of WAADS

Dr. Alka Beotra, Scientific Director, National Dope Testing Laboratory, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, has been nominated to the Executive Board of WAADS (World Association of Anti Doping Scientists).

Her tenure on the Executive Board of WAADS will be for a period of three years, i.e. from March 2015.

The WAADS is an organisation comprising anti doping scientists from all the WADA- accredited labs across the world. The purpose of WAADS is to allow WADA-accredited laboratories to interact within their own group as well as to provide assistance to others to combat the issue of doping in sport.

In the six-member Executive Board of WAADS, Dr. Beotra is the only member from Asia.

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