New Delhi: Despite the many tall claims by the various government agencies, Dengue is not going to subside in the Capital.
es the latest report says that despite the fact that cold has gripped normally in its due course, the threat of Dengue is continuing on increase.

According to the latest media reports, new 1,076 new dengue cases have been reported in the last five days in the Capital which is enough to show the fact that the threat of Dengue is continue on the Delhi.

Danger Dengue: 1,076 new cases in Delhi

According to the new report, areas under North Delhi Municipal Corporation recorded the highest number of 4,833 dengue cases.

It has been said that the South Delhi witnessed 3,928 cases while areas under East Delhi MC recorded a lowest 2,552 cases. Needless to say, the caeses of Dengue is on increase in the capital.

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