New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Sh. Vijender Gupta said that the Delhi Govt. is not able to supply power as per demand as per their announcement. Chief Minister wants to avoid his own responsibility by blaming the power distribution companies for failure to supply electricity as per demand. By expressing his anger and using un-parliamentary language about the electricity distribution companies, he wants to shirk his own responsibility.

He alleged that people of Delhi are now aware of the double character of Aam Aadmi Party. CM should seek apology from the people for failure to supply electricity. Govt. should take all steps to supply electricity for 24 hours and seven days a week or BJP, along with the people of Delhi, will launch a protest against the Govt.

Delhi: People bound to face shortage of electricity and power cut

Sh. Gupta added that while announcing the Summer Action Plan for power, Govt. had said that arrangement has been made for 6200 MW electricity for Summer. People of Delhi will not have to suffer shortage of power. This announcement has proved to be bubble. Un-announced power cut from 4 to 6 hours is being resorted to in all areas of Delhi. Govt. has taken no punitive steps against power distribution companies. The CM should tell the people why the unannounced power cut is being resorted to if the Govt. had arranged supply of 6200 MW of power.

Till yesterday evening 5219 complaints by BSES Rajdhani , 4775 complaints by BSES Yamuna and 1383 complaints by TATA Power Ltd were received against unannounced power cut. Power cut was there throughout the night. Therefore, the number of actual complaints might be twice these complaints. Many of the consumers have complained that they when they tried to contact distribution companies against power cut their phones were found to be busy. According to consumers, the distribution companies claim that concerned employee is sent to the consumer within 30 minutes to rectify local fault.

 This claim is considered to be false. People continued to suffer power cut for 4 to 6 hours but no employee of Power companies turned up at their premises despite complaints. Sh. Gupta has questioned when the Delhi Govt. has made a law to provide compensation to the consumers for unannounced power cuts why this law is not being implemented in the power distribution companies. CM should tell the people how much fine has been imposed on these distribution companies so far.

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