New Delhi: Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta said that It is the double speak of AAP who now want to install CCTVs in the offices of their MLAs. The 70 promises made in the manifesto are not done where women security & safety was the core issue. It was highlighted during the Elections by Arvind Kejriwal now the C.M of Delhi that he would keep Marshall in Local buses and install CCTVs in the streets of Delhi. Now surprisingly they are putting the CCTVs in their offices to protect themselves from the vulnerable women and senior citizens of Delhi who come for their grievances.

He further lambasted AAP Party by saying that not a single camera is installed as promised during the assembly elections. Unfortunately, they are involved in anti-social/criminal activities. People of Delhi are frightened with the elected MLAs. The 14 AAP Party MLAs are put behind the bars so far on the complaints registered by the common people. The 24 MLAs are of criminal background and are under Police surveillance. The inquiry against them is going on by Police. After collecting the evidences, they might have been produced before the court of law.

In lieu of Delhi, AAP MLAs want CCTV in their offices

His remarks on the High Court verdict on 4th August 2016 are very critical by saying that the last 18 months of AAP are wasted on spreading anarchy in the state.

The High Court verdict in Central Govt. Vs Delhi Govt. clearly reveals the fact that AAP Govt. has no belief in the court of law. They want to run Delhi in their own way flaunting the constitution. They have spent crores of rupees on advertisements. Now, all facilities to people of Delhi are curtailed. The 2 crore people of Delhi are frustrated and hopeless.

The Press Conference by Aashutosh, Leader of AAP and convener Dilip Pandey added chillies to the wounds of Delhiites by saying that now poor people of Delhi should go to LG for their day to day problems like electricity, water and Public transport.

Having said this they have proved that they have not done anything in last the 18 months & they are not willing to do anything in future also. In such circumstances, they should resign as Govt. & LG of Delhi should take over Delhi otherwise the people of Delhi would be in huge trouble.

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