Ranchi: It is nothing but a great slap on our civilized society which was displayed in Ranchi, Capital of Jharkhand where a visual came in light in the hospital where a patient eats straight from the floor.

Certainly the visual is enough to disturbed any cautions man of our society which raises many questions marks on our system.
Shame: Patient served food on the floor in a hospital

Just think about the disturbing images which were captured by a national daily at the biggest government hospital, the Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences.

According to media reports, the patient name was Palmati Devi who was admitted in the hospital for  her right arm wrapped in bandage. According to the sources, she was caught at ate her meal of rice, dal and vegetables from the floor which was served to her.  It has been said that first the  ward boys first made her clean the floor. Remember the fact that she was with fractured hand and she clean the floor for the food.

Although, it has been said that the man who served the patient has been sacked. 

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