p phi Competitive Times - Karnataka Election LIVE: BS Yeddyurappa resigns from his post

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has resigns from his post after his short speech in the assembly. He said that will work for the people of Karnataka as earlier.

He said in his sppech that people has chose BJP for power and not the Congress and JDS combine. He said in his speech that governor invited the BJP as it was the single largest party in the election Poll.

He said that he will work for farmers and blamed said that JDS and Congress have maid an opportunitistc coalition.

It is noted that in a latest devalapment in the ongoing situations in the Karnataka Flour test in the Assembly, it is expected that Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa may resign just after his sppech. Needless to say the ongoing political drama in Karnataka is close to conclusion and things will be clear in a short of moment in the coming half an hour.

According to media reports, CM BS Yeddyurappa may resign before the trust vote as it has been said that things are not in his favour.

Now it is clear that BJP is unable to to garner the magic number to win the floor test and certainly it will be not fit for the chief minister BS Yeddyurappa.

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