List of important Scientific Instruments
List of important Scientific Instruments: Important Scientific Instruments and its functions are an important parts for GS paper for various Competitive Examinations like SSC, Railway, PSC, Bank and other. 

The list can help you which are presented in very simple way so that it can be imbibed in easy way....

Ammeter: It is an instrument used for measuring electric current.
Air Cooler: It is anapparatus for cooling the air. Here air is blown through water and atmosphere cooled.
Anemometer: It is an instrument to measure the speed and pressure of the wind.
Altimeter: It is an instrument used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes.
Barometer: It is an instrument to measure atmospheric conditions and changes.
Callipers : A instrument with legs which used to measure the inside or outside diameter of bodies.
Carburettor: An apparatus for charging air with petrol vapours in an internal combustion engine.
Calorimeter: An instrument used for measuring quantities of heat.
Cinematograph: An apparatus for projecting pictures on the screen in so rapid a succession that picture seems to be in motion.
Crescograph: An instrument for recording electrically the response of living matter to various kinds of stimuli.
Cardiograph: Is a medical instrument for tracing heart movements.
Chronometer: Is a clock to datermin longitude of a vessel at sea.
Computers: These are data-processing machines, which provide the information according to the requirements.
Dictaphone: A trade name for a tape recorder.
Dynamo: A machine used for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Electric Motor: Machine for using electricity as a motive power.
Electrometer: An instrument for measuring electrical potential differences.
Epidiascope: For projecting fLms as well as images of opaque articles on a screen.

List of important Scientific Instruments

Fathometer: Is an instrument used for measuring depth of the ocean-
Gramophone: A machine for reproducing recorded sound.
Water Meter: For measuring gallons of water consumed.
Voltameter: For measuring electricity consumed.
Microscope: An optical instrument for producing greatly magnified images of very small objects.
Periscope: Optical instrument used in trench warfare and in submarines for enabling an observer to see surrounding objects from a lower level.
Phonograph: Is an instrument used for reproducing sound.
Photometer: Is an apparatus used to compare the illuminating power of two sources of light.
Pipette: It is a glass tube with the aid of which a definite volume of liquid may be transferred.
Sextant: An instrument for measuring angle. Spark Plug: Device for producing an electric spark to set off combustion in the cylinder of a petrol engine.
Speedometer: An instrument which registers the speed of the vehicle
Telephone: A device by virtue of which two persons at two different places can communicate.
Telemeter: Is an apparatus for recording physical events happening at a distance.
Thermometer: It is an instrument to measure the temperature.
Thermostat: It is an instrument which controls temperature automatically.
Transformer: An electric apparatus which is used to convert high voltage to low and vice versa.
Tachometer: It is an instrument for measuring the speed of aeroplanes, motors, etc.
Television: It is the transmission of images of moving objects by radio waves.
Telescope: It is aninstrument designed to view the distant object easily.
Teleprinter : An instrument which prints automatically messages sent from one place to another on telegraph lines.
Viscometer: An an instrument to measure viscosity.
Voltmeter: It is an instrument to measure the potential difference across two points of an electrical circuit.

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