Google India is celebrating the 65th Republic Day for India by placing an impressive doodle on the homepage of India. The doodle, launched by google displays the militaristic with a military parade and gives an impressive look.
Needless to say, the Republic Day in India is famous for the Parade celebration and the entire nation celebrate the day. The main function organizes in the capital where country displayed its achievements and other performances in various fields of life.
Google Doodle on Republic Day
Google has displays the military parade theme in its doodles in which there are 9 soldiers on Bikes in the first reo which followed by 10 infantry soldiers and also 9 Navy soldiers.
The entire doodles have been prepared and design in the colors of the Indian tricolor flag and its give a impressive look.
Needless to say, recently BSF and Army forces have displayed such a surprising performances during the rising day and foundation day parade. Army chooses such a occasion like Republic day when its soldiers perform such a surprising and difficult arts.

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