New Delhi: The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre is organizing a graphics exhibition titled LIFE IS LIKE THAT, caricatures by Édua Szűcs from Hungary who is an eminent graphic artist, cartoonist and illustrator. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Ajit Ninan, Cartoonist at the art gallery of the Hungarian Centre.

In our rushing days full of challenges, it is a great value if someone is able to stop us and in this fleeting silence she can bring smiles to our face. The real caricaturist is a creator who can work this miracle by putting a distorting mirror to us reflecting our heart and mind, so that in the picture seen there we can recognise ourselves and our world in a way that through her thoughts formed by the exhibited love, we should be able to smile at ourselves. Caricatures putting human frailty in the pillory have old traditions, nevertheless, I believe it to be a characteristic genre of the 20th century as open-hearted laugh and smile has been mostly needed then and now.

In the contemporary art, Édua Szűcs belongs to those mature graphic artists who practise their expertise based on their belief and proficiency. Her drawing skills are amazing, her aspects for creating situations are brilliant, her knowledge of humanity can sensibly react to such resonance that makes it possible for everyone to have the same personal reaction. As her great ancestors, the excellent caricaturists, in general, she likewise has the concept of the unit of image and notion. Her cultural knowledge provides her with a certain demanding quality proving that her literacy is universal and well founded.

Her thinking is capable for changes in accordance with modern age. The line is a constructing element of the picture for her and beside possessing the beauty of the details, it has got a characterising strength in the whole of the composition by turning her experiences of life into a picture, and transmitting them through visual means. It is never the usual common humour but the sublime, mild-and-bitter, scraping mood for filliping, the intention for improving mankind that drives her drawing pencil. Beside the greatness of the subject matters, the demands of graphics, the certainty of composition and the competence in drawing qualify the works to be independent pieces of art.

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