New Delhi: Sulakshana Monga was awarded the prestigious India Pride Award from none other than the Honorable Shri Shripad Naik (Cultural and Tourism minister) for her inevitable work in fashion industry.

India Pride Award is indeed well deserved by Sulakshana Monga. Her work in India and abroad has been recognized and applauded by many and it was time that her effort was recognized by Government of India. We are proud of Sulakshana Monga for constantly working towards putting Indian design on world map and keeping it up high. We are happy and grateful to Government of India for recognizing her effort and appreciating it through this award.

Sulakshana Monga was awarded the prestigious award among the much-celebrated ceremony, which was attended by many honorable people from all the industry. Among the celebrated list of attendees there was Shri Mahashay Dharmpal, Chairman MDH who along with Shri Shripad Naik awarded Mrs. Monga. Mrs. Monga has a diversified work portfolio. Worked with a lot of renowed names Mrs. Monga has build up a glorious name for herself and a fashion legacy that is and would always be unmatchable.

This award will be adding a significant achievement of her life. With so many feathers in her hat and awards under her belt, we are sure it wont be long until her work is acknowledged again.

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