New Delhi: Kathak exponent Vidha Lal presents Colours of Fire- A Kathak Group Choreography by Kathak Duet Vidha Lal and Abhimanyu Lal on 21st September 2104 at Kamani Auditorium. Fire……agni, is the most illuminating and the alluring element out of the five building blocks of nature. Like every sustaining particle on earth, it has its own boon and bane. As boon, its presence instills a feeling of auspiciousness, warmth, creativity and energy. On the same front, it also carries some strings of bane. It is always said that, " too much of anything is always harmful." you ignite the fire a bit too much and it is all set to consume you. If it provides light for the vision, it can also take away the vision itself. Inspired by these natural nuances of fire, the choreographer Kathak Duet Vidha & Abhimanyu Lal brings forth the different colours of fire, depicting its different moods and meanings. The choreography is bloomed up by invoking the vibrations of fire with the agni gayatri mantra and agni suktam from rig veda.

It is hard to name the colour of fire in one single attempt, as it is not a single colour. But, it is the outcome of many colours. Here, is how the choreographer attempts to distinctly introduce the different colours of fire- yellow, orange, red , black and then fuse them together to create a bang of energy.

Orange- a lot of percentage of fire is instantly connected with the colour of orange. It is definitely a maneuvering shade of fire, but not the most captivating one. It does draw a lot of attention than the other colours, but there is still one colour of fire which is above all..

Black- one automatically links black with mystery as well as a symbol of minimal or may be termination. Black naturally brings in the effect of residual, its whirling outcome, the ashes. This colour shows a way towards end but introduces a lot of prefixes and suffixes to the revolving term- agni, taken from the 140 names of “agni” two chhandas of 7 beat and and 8-beat time cycles have been taken , weaving various rhythmic patterns to show the mysterious mood of blue-black shade of fire..

Red- this colour itself lets our imagination flow towards compassion and sootheness. For this the choreographer takes the support of the quotes by sant kabir-“biraha jalati main phiroon, moh birahan ko dukh, chhaanh na baithun, darpati, mati jal uthe bhookh !!……i am burning in the fire of separation.

This colour is certainly extravagant but the least consuming and yet capturing like a tinge of melody woven along with it.

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