Being a celebrity is always a good feeling, you have loads of people loving you, following your style and your attitude but with fame and power there comes a lot of responsibility and budding celebrity Swara Bhaskar certainly knows hers.

I believe in loving yourself just the way you are: Swara

Recently the actress was approached by a skin care brand asking her to endorse a skin lightening production, given that fairness creams are big paying brands any other celebrity might have been tempted but not Swara, she put her foot down and refused to endorse anything that puts a value and thus discriminates based on one's skin colour.

“This fair skin obsession has to be discouraged. Its so regressive and problematic to put a value, negative or positive to skin Colour. It's actually the seeds of racism and it only promotes low self esteem. For me, I believe in loving yourself just the way you are. Dusky, dark or wheatish, you are perfect, all I want to tell the girls is DON’T change?” quipped the actress.

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