Mumbai: The summers has finally hit Mumbai, the mercury was seen soaring and it’s time for everyone to make some changes and to beat the heat. The summers have struck a bad chord compelling not only normal individuals, but even Bollywood celebs, Politicians, Businessman to sneak out to exotic beach locations for a cool holiday. Recently Tanisha Singh spend her holiday where she had taken time and was seen chilling at a breathtaking locales.

As the weather is very dry in Mumbai, Tanisha understands the necessity to keep oneself hydrated, even though there is a flipside to drinking lots of water, which is sweating profusely. However, in such a hot and dry climate, the sweat is actually very good, as the sweat that cools down your body and helps you keep comfortable, by regulating your body temperature.

Tanisha Singh said, “Everybody is trying to stay cool in these scorching temperatures. I drink lots and lots of water. It is the best way to keep yourself hydrated. Every two hours, I also have coconut water. It’s the most unadulterated drink that one can find."

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