New Delhi:  On the final day of the Track Asia Cup, India has taken home 8 medals including 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals at the Cycling Velodrome in IG Stadium today. India finished second in the medal tally with 16 medals including 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze after Hongkong with 18 medals including 11 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Deborah in her Final Sprint event took the first position, grabbing a gold medal with a time of 12.576 and 12.493 in the first and second round respectively. She beat Zhaojuan of Hong Kong, who went on to take the silver medal, clocking 12.820 and 12.734 in both the rounds respectively. The third position was awarded to Farina Shawati of Malaysia with a timing of 12.552 and 12.342 in the rounds. While Kezia Vargheese of India was given the fourth in this event. 
India grabs 8 medals on the final day of the Track Asia Cup 2016

In the Men Junior Sprint final, the gold and silver was awarded to Chun Long and TSZ Chun from Hong Kong respectively. Chun Long was clocked at 11.315 and 12.842 in both the rounds respectively and Tsz Chun was timed at 11.445 and 13.098 for the rounds. The bronze medal was awarded to our Indian cyclist Sanuraj P with a timing of 12.203 and 12.322 in the first and second round respectively. Emerson was at the fourth position with timing of 12.225 and 11.352 in both the rounds.

In the Men’s Junior Keirin, Emerson wins bronze medal for India. The Women Junior Sprint final however saw India bag the first two positions adding another gold and a silver to the medal tally. Nayana Rajesh, was awarded the gold medal and was clocked at 12.658 and 12.865 in both the rounds respectively. Anu Chutia grabbed the silver position, with a timing of 12.764 and 13.178 in the first and second rounds. Hoi Wah of Hong Kong was at the third position with a time of 13.644 and 13.300.

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