Shivayy: Meet Abigail Eames the important face in the movie

Abigail is a British Child Actor and she was introduced with her first movie Shivayy in 2016 with Ajay Devgan. She was born on  5 October 2003.

The movie Shivayy was not a devotional film. Rather it was an emotional action drama film based on the father-daughter relationship. 

Abigail Eames is a fabulous actor who had left the audiences in  tears in the movie Shivayy. She had done a great job in the movie and audiences appreciated her acting among all the actor even Ajay Devgan, who played role of her father in the movie Shivayy. 

She is best known for being her roles in Mr Selfridge (2013), The Crimson Field (2014), Lawless (2013), Harry & Paul's Story of the 2s (2014), Doctor Who and The Interceptor.

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