World AIDS Day: Need to clear the misconception for the disease
Today is World AIDS day and on the occason it is the need to think about the ordeals of people suffering from AIDS. For this we will have to feel their plight daily and not only on the World AIDS Day. 

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, it has been come in light that despite extreme advancement of medical science people hold all kinds of misconceptions about diseases like AIDS and T.B. due to which the patients have to face social isolation. The thought was displayed by Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari in a function organized in the capital.

On the occasion,  Manoj Tiwari said that we would have to think to ensure that politics is seen as a medium of human service. He further  said no doubt AIDS is a serious disease but due to misconceptions people’s hateful behavior towards the patients of AIDS puts them under depression.

People hold that AIDS is a sexual disease while with the passing of time medical science has found that in most cases callous blood transfusion causes spread of the infection.

Tiwari called upon socio-political workers to help end misconception regarding AIDS so that the under treatment patient don’t feel isolated and live normal life. In today’s programme over 200 such AIDS patients too joined who are taking proper medicine and leading normal life.

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