As you are busy with the full fervor of the Karvachauth, it  is essential to know that Karvachauth brings glow and happiness on the face of our beautiful with freedom of acidity, nausea, low blood pressure and low energy. So here is the tips by Dietitian Expert Jasleen Kaur as how you can keep yourself feet and health this Karvachauth. 

According to Dietitian Expert Jasleen Kaur, to make this day more comfortable, here are the few tips which will assist you in keeping you healthy this Karvachauth.

Astrologer and Vastu: Tips for an effective Karvachauth
  • Early morning before sunrise- Start your day with fruit like pomegranate or banana with dry fruits like almonds,walnuts, dates or fig.
  • To avoid developing acidity and gas, make sure your meal is low-fat and is not too heavy on the stomach. Add a lightly sugared sweet as this will avoid the hunger pangs later in the day and provide energy for rest of the day.
  • Adding coconut water or lemon juice instead of plain water will adds essential electrolytes.
  • Avoid consuming too much tea or coffee.
  • Post fasting- Adding some protein-rich food would be a good idea.
  • Avoid eating too sweet and fried foods immediately after the fast. A balanced meal along with some celebratory food to enjoy your evening is the best way to go.
    Dietitian Expert Jasleen Kaur

A complete meal would ideally include vegetables, curds, whole grains in the form of chapatis, some rice with pulses and some sweet. 

Also make sure that husband help with all the cleaning, cooking, etc., mean what’s the use of their long, healthy life if they can’t contribute in our daily chores?.

Hope this will help you in keeping this Karvachauth bringing glow and happiness on the face.

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