p phi Competitive Times - BJP and RSS have not respect for the Institutions of the Nation: Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi blamed BJP and RSS for not its respect for the national institutions and thanked the people of Karnataka for its victory. He was addressing the press conference in Congress headquarter and he  said that BJP and RSS will learn a lesson from the incident in the Karnataka. 

Rahul Gandhi said that there are the phone conversation which shows that BJP leders have tried to bought MLAs of Congress. 

Rahul Gandhi said that BJP leaders have not respect to the national anthem in Karnataka Assembly when they started leaving the house during the anthem. 

Certainly it is a triupmp for Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi when it succeded in the defeat of BJP government in the Karnataka Assembly. The defeat of BS Yeddyurappa  in the Karnataka is the victory for Congress and its Presient Rahul Gandhi. 
The ongoing situation occurs in the Karnataka was enough to tell the bad handling of the situation by the BJP think tank which has shown the bad image for the Party. 

It is noted that BJP fails in the effort to prove its majority in the Karnataka Assembly and certainly it will be major setback for the party. Now it is a positive things for the Congress which has defeated in the assembly. 

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