p phi Competitive Times - Ashna Gogoi; Meet the Dramebaaz season 3 winner

Ashna Gogoi winner of the reality show No.1 Dramebaaz
10 years old girl Ashna Gogoi, from Assam, won the title of the reality show No.1 Dramebaaz" Season 3.  It is noted that the overwhelming success of the first and second season of India's top reality show "No.1 Dramebaaz" Season 3 came back to promote talented kids around the India who can't showcase their talent on television easily.

Finally, the finale of show No. 1 Dramebaaz is over and Ashna Gogoi, from Assam, won the title of the reality show. A 10 years old girl who touched many hearts through her brilliant talent and swiping all the titles on her name. Ashna also won a cheque for 2 lakhs for her beautiful performances. 

This time orphanage students also took part in the show. Therefore, 20% of the seats in the show are reserved for the orphanage kids, as they have no medium to showcase their talents. Veteran actor Prem Chopra, Bollywood, actress Kanika Maheshwari, Vijay Bhardwaj, Choreographer Siddhesh Pai and Stefi Bhardwaj were among the judges of Season 3. The show was hosted by Comedian Sunil Pal and actress Jashn Agnihotri.

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