The percentage of people above 60 years of age, is estimated to rise in the country from around 9 percent in 2015 to about 19 percent in 2050. This requires the government go give special attention to the needs and requirements of the elderly population and make suitable arrangements for them in their care.

Care for elders in a society is a matter of right and not just welfare, said the intelligentsia, bureaucrats and doctors at the launch of ‘Age friendly India Initiative’ organized by IVH SeniorCare and Wellness Health & You.

As the life expectancy has increased, the rate of increase in the number of elders is more than the overall increase in population. Of the total elderly population, there are more women than men. This means there is trend towards feminization in aging, as far as India is concerned.

Dr. GS Grewal, Chairman Wellness Health & You, said,  “As India gears to have register three-fold jump in the number of elderly from about 100 million currently to around 300 million by 2050, there has to be a proper framework by the government to have required infrastructure and arrangements in place.”

Swadeep Srivastava, Chief Belief officer & Founder, IVH SeniorCare, said “The Government, as well as the community, needs to look into the needs of the senior citizens more than ever before. They need to understand that care is not just welfare but a matter of right for the elderly. There needs to be comprehensive plans for Elder Care in our country and the same has to be implemented and adhered to at community level."

“India is witnessing huge rise in the population of the elderly and we must gear up to not only to have physical infrastructure in place for them but also a system where there is love and respect for them in our society” said Mr N Chawla, mayor, SDMC, while speaking as the Chief Guest.

“It is unfortunate that our countrymen do not respect its seniors. This is lack of regard for our elders in our society and in our homes. It is time we recognized the contribution of the elderly and started loving and respecting them” said Mr Rajpal Singh, Member-Standing Committee, SDMC.
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