ISRO to launch Four Satellites in coming three years
In a bid to address various user requirements including scientific missions to moon and the communication ISRO is planning to launch more state-of-the-art satellites in the near future.

The moove will encompassing, optical remote sensing, microwave remote sensing, Infra Red remote sensing (IR).

Also making scientific missions to moon and the communication satellites to provide high throughput communication links as well as Direct To Home (DTH) applications. 

Four Programmes for which Mission is planned-
1. Communication Satellites
2. Earth Observation Systems
3. Satellite Navigation
4. Space Science & Planetary Exploration

Total 1177.55 crore rupees will invest for these four projects.

The proposed satellites will provide better Earth imaging with day and night capabilities,  improved weather predictions, better handling of disaster situations, facilitate navigational applications and will also improve communication connectivity.

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