In another major surprise for the nation, India is all set to accept the returningn of any full majority government in center after a gap of 35 Years...yes it is the magic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi under whose leadership the miracle has been witnessed. As the trends showing for the Election 2019 Result, BJP and NDA has performed well than the same in 2014 and it will be after 35 years when it  will  observ such a magic. Certainly credit  goes to Narendra Modi. 

Now it is clear that country is all set to welcome Narendra Modi as the second PM of the country....as the Elections Result is showing that country is again with Narendra Modi wave and NDA will form government. Needless to say, it is the Modi magic with the cute and effective strategy of Amit Shah that has paved the way for BJP and NDA. 

It will be historical after the Jawaharlal Nehru when any goveryment will come back with full majority in the power in the nation. Certainly Modi is the person who has repeated the history with his works and achievement. Modi, the 14th Prime Minister of India  has marked the full stop on all the speculation of the opposition especially by the Congress and now opposition will have to rethink on his strategy. 

Yes, Modi started his election campaign from the Merrut and the crowd present at the election rally was enough to say that there is not a reluctance among the people for him. 

As maximum political parties have left no stone unturned to make the difference in the Election 2019 and have released the candidates list for the first phase of Election, still PM Narendra Modi has taken the comfortable lead on his opponents. 

With the announcement of schedule of Elections 2019, now it is clear that Modi led NDA is leading on its opponents political parties in making their strategies.  Leaders are not ready to left a single stone unturned in making their hope better.

However the situation emerged in the last fortnight, clearly indicating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initial lead in the race of Elections 2019 to his opponents. We will analyze those Five reasons which are responsible for the same.
If Congress Govt. had taken action after Mumbai attack, Pulwama may not happened; Nirmala Sitharaman

1. Popularity On High: Despit the fact that there was a pesaimistic environment for the lasr one year to the performance of the government, the popularity of Modi remained on high. People have some negative aspects with the goveenment, but they assume that Modi has the attraction to lead the country.

I want to finish Terrorism, they want to finish Modi

2. Lack of leadership; Opposition parties have claimed many tall height but the ultimate fact is that they are facing scarcity of a leader who can lead the opposition in the coming Election 2019.

3. Rahul Gandhi's lack of charismatic personality: However Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi has ensured his skill and leadership inside his party, yet many regional parties are abstaining to contest the election under his leadership.These regional parties have their own interest regionally and they have to fight for their existence.
Chowkidar is fully aware for the security of Country and poor: Modi

4. Modi emerged as universal leader; People of the country has accepted Modi as not only the leader inside the country, they also have understand the fact that Modi can be helpful in emerging India on the world horizon. They think that other leader have to just fight inside the country on trivial issues, but Modi has given a new entity to India also.

5. Recent situation and Modi's Magic; After Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir and its sequences, PM Modi has has successfully handled the situations. There was a chance that opposition can be benefited on the ground that it was failure of government. But PM modi gained all the popularity with sentiments of the people by daring to air strike on Pakistan's terror camps.

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