Shravan Mass 2019: Shravan Somwar Dates, Worship of Lord Shiva and Know All Details Here
Shravan 2020:  Shravan is already going on and so the worship of Lord Shiva....as Monday commonly known as the Somwar is the auspicious day for devotees to worship Lord Shiva...However each day of the Shravan is the day to worship Lord Shiva..the lord of lords and know as the Mahadev and if it is Somwar..i.e. Monday then it is the crucial day for the devotes.

 People use to visit their nearest temple and get the chance to pray the Lord Shiva on this auspicious day of Shravan 2020. Maximum devotees use to keep themselves on fast and take only fruits and abstain from eating grains.

 Devotees use to do Solah Somwar vrats also which is collection of 16 Monday which has been started in the month of Shravan.

According to Hindu mythology, every day of Shravan 2020  is the day to worship Lord Shiva but, Shravan Somwar 2020 has special day to worship God Shankar. Each day of the month Shravan is important to worship Lord Shiva and so devotees use to worship lord Shiva under Shravan 2020 in the month. 
As the auspicious Shravan 2020 has been started so you have the opportunity to worship Lord Shiva.

According to Lunar Calendar, it is believed that on the full moon day, the sky comes under the celestial sovereignty of the Shravan Nakshatra (One of the 27 Nakshatras) and so it called the Shravan Month. Here you can know all the details about the Shravan 2019 dates importance of Shravan Somwar in Shravan Maas 2019 and how to worship Lord Shiva. 

Shravan month has been started from the 06 July 2020 this year. There are four Monday (Somvaar) this Shravan 2019. Have a look of all the Shravan 2020 with day and dates...

Significance of Shravan Month 
 According to Hindu mythology, Shrvan Month is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees use to perform various methods to worship Lord Shiva in this month. They use to austerities, fasts and prayers to impress Lord Shiva as every day of the month Shravan 2019 is crucial and auspicious to worship Lord Shiva. 

As you know, Monday (Commonly known as the Somwar among the devotees of Lord Shiva) is the day of Lord Shiva and so Shravan 2019 is the most crucial day to worship God in Shravan. 
How to Perform Worship.

Solah Somwar vrats

Shravan is also important month for those women who want to begin the Solah Somwar vrats. Solah Somwar vrats is also an important rituals to worhip Lord Shiva and get blessed to him. In a bid to perform the Solah Somwar vrats, generally people use to fast the day and use to worship Lord Shiva. 

All the devotees use to perform to worship Lord Shiva and tried their best to impress the God to get the blessings in the month. Devotees perform austerities, fasts and prayers with local enchanting the Lord Shiva mantras during worshipping. 

According to Vedic and religious books, devotees can enchant “Om Namah Shivaay” to worship Lord Shiva. However there is a myth that ladies should only enchant “Namah Shivaay” during performing the worship of Lord Shiva.

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