Varanasi: Aam Aadmi Party leaders and former Delhi ministers Rakhi Birla and Girish Soni, along with party MLAs Vishesh Ravi and Ashok Chauhan asked the BJP to make its stand clear on Baba Ramdev’s recent anti-Dalit and anti-women statement.

At a press conference held at the party’s election office at Varanasi, these leaders strongly condemned Baba Ramdev’s comments and termed these as malicious.

Party leader Birla asked the BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee and candidate from the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat, Mr Narendra Modi whether he agreed with the yog guru’s statement and why he was silent on the issue so far. She said the Baba’s links with the BJP are well known to the world and in recent months top BJP leadership, including Mr Modi have shared stage with him on numerous occasions and have bowed their heads before him.

The AAP leader said both Baba and Modi have described their relationship as that of a guru-chela, and the BJP’s silence so far means it is hesitant to speak anything on the issue. The Aam Aadmi Party demands that Narendra Modi should break his silence on such a sensitive issue which has hurt the sentiments of the Dalit community and women of the country. It is shocking that Baba Ramdev, who fled the Ramlila Ground at midnight wearing women clothes has used such condemnable language about the women and the BJP has chosen to look the other way as if nothing has happened.

Is it not a fact that the BJP has given tickets to some candidates recommended by the Baba and he is actively campaigning for the party ? The AAP condemns the Baba and his thinking and also outrightly rejects the so-called Gujarat model being propagated across the country by his disciple.

The AAP also makes it clear that in case Baba Ramdev comes to Varanasi, the party will protest against him peacefully and in a democratic manner.

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