New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP and former Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel lambasted AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for indulging in cheap publicity tactics by alleging attack in Varanasi former Delhi minister Somnath Bharati.

“If people like Bharati are kejriwal’s close confidantes, that itself speaks for the AAP;s political agenda which comprises of creating lies, maligning others and attacking all those who criticise them for their non-performance in Delhi,” Sh. Goel said.

“I would campaign in Varansai and expose the nefarious designs of Arvind Kejriwal who is trying to vitiate the atmosphere in Varanasi. Kejriwal and his party adopted the same tactics in Delhi where he indulged regularly in publicity stunts. Now as he stands exposed in Delhi, he is trying to use same tactics in Varansai. But we will expose him there,” said Sh. Goel.

“Kejriwal and his colleagues have lowered down the level of political debate wherever they have gone. They make personal attacks, use objectionable language and instead of facts perpetuate lies. They are perpetuating communal politics as depicted by recent statement of their leader Ms Sahzia Ilmi on asking Muslims not be secular but to become communal. This is deplorable,” said Sh. Goel.

In Delhi, AAP and Kejriwal had got an opportunity to make a difference when they came to power. But we all know what did he do? He sat on dharna himself, created chaos, did not allocate required money in the budget for power subsidy and hiked rates od water tariff. And when he and his party started getting exposed, he ran away and tried to project himself as a martyr.

Due to such doublespeak and doule standards of AAP, the people of Delhi suffered his misrule of 49 days during which women were harassed and even media was not spared when it criticised Kejriwal.

Today if Delhi’ites are facing acute problems due to absence of an elected government, it is because of Kejriwal and his party’s opportunist politics where they ran away from Delhi hoping that they can do well in national politics.Sh. Goel said, “We will tell people in Varansai how Kejriwal and his party colleagues have created a mess in Delhi and left it unattended to rush to other parts of the country searching for votes . It is clear that Kejriwal and his party colleagues are not committed to welfare of the people. All they want is to perpetuate their self-interest.

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