New Delhi: BJP Delhi Pradesh President Dr. Harsh Vardhan has demanded the Lt. Governor of Delhi that in view of the report submitted by Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee, he should issue orders for refunding the increased fees recovered from the parents by the private schools immediately. He should also insure that the private schools do not exploit the parents in the name of fees, development charges, donation and other items. He has also demanded the Lt. Governor to frame transparent fees policy for private schools of Delhi.
It may be mentioned that in the name of implementing 6th Pay Commission report the private schools have increased fees by 150% and the names of children whose parents refused to pay were struck off. Parents Federation had filed petition in the High Court challenging the hike in fees. During the hearing of the petition the High Court had formed Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee in August 2011 to examine the legality and logic behind this hike. This committee submitted its interim reports to the Court from time to time.

Submitting its report to the bench of Justice G. Rohini and Justice Rajiv Sahai on 9th May, 2014, Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee has revealed that implementing the Pay Commission report in 2009 the private schools had recovered increased fees in an arbitrary manner. Many schools had also recovered donation as a part of fees.
The committee also told the High Court that fees should have been increased from 2009 but many schools recovered arrears from 2006. Due to this the children and parents had to bear burden of lakhs. The budget of those houses from which three or more children go to schools was completely disturbed. 40% of the income of the parents had to be spent on the fees. Now the parents are increasing the pressure on government to make the fees system reasonable. It may be mentioned that the case of recovering fees from the year 2009 is still pending in the court and many schools are increasing fees again in the year 2014. Parents have apposed it and the matter is in the court.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that when the Central government implemented Right to Education Act in the entire country then it is the responsibility of Central government to make necessary arrangement for the education of the children of Delhi also. There are lakhs of children who require school education but number of schools is insufficient. This is the reason why many private schools are recovering fees and donations in an arbitrary manner. The condition of the children in the villages and unauthorized colonies is worst who have to travel 10 Kms to attend school, although the policy of government is to provide schools near the houses of children. For this purpose maximum distance should be 4 Kms only.

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