New Delhi: NDMC Mayor Yogendra Chandolia, Chairman Standing Committee, Mr. Mohan Prasad Bhardwaj and Leader of the House, Ms. Meera Aggarwal said that the statement of DPCC President in the Lok Sabha elections at Varanasi regarding not allowing nominated members who happens to be the workers of Congress party to vote in the election of Mayor and Dy. Mayor of different Municipal Corporations in Delhi shows their frustration and ignorance about DMC Act and the constitution of India. They said it is the mockery of the democracy and directly elected representatives. The Congress is frustrated due to defeat in Assembly / Mayoral elections and probable defeat in Parliamentary elections.
They referred the section 243 of constitution which clearly states that the persons having special knowledge and experience in Municipal administration will have no right to vote. As per provisions of DMC Act section 3 (A) (1) the ten nominated members by the administrator shall not have the right to vote in the meetings of Municipal Corporation. In the Calcutta Municipal Act in the provision under section 5 (B) nominated members do not have the right to vote in Municipal Corporation.
In reality if the argument of Congress is taken then it will question mark the direct election system of Municipal Corporations and if we take the argument of DPCC President then the votes of ten nominated members can change the mandate of public of direct elections.
They said that the corrupt Congress government in Delhi by all political means tried to make the Corporations financially and administratively weak and moreover they are made to govern by the bureaucrats.
The only purpose to raise this issue in the elections in Varanasi was to hide their failure to convince two of the members of the Parliament to vote in the elections of the Mayor of South Delhi resulting in their defeat by one vote. The DPCC President since cannot dare to take disciplinary action against the absent MPs as he knows that he could be removed from the post of the President.

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