Kargil (Jammu & Kashmir) : BJP National Vice-President and former Union Minister Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said Pakistan sponsored separatism and terrorism posed the gravest threat to ‘Kashmir and Kashmiriyat.

Addressing well attended public meetings in Kargil, Zanskar and Drass, Naqvi lamented that Kashmir, Kargil, Leh and Jammu were increasingly getting isolated from the national developmental mainstream. Economic packages running into billions of rupees being pumped into the state are not being utilized for improving the socioi-economic, educational conditions of these under developed areas but to fill the coffers of the ruling party. Consequently, the people in these areas are living the life of paupers while the ruling Congress-NC alliance is getting richer by the day.

He said corruption and misgovernance were the other enemies of Kashmir’s progress. The youth of the state were getting trapped in the quagmire of unemployment and misery. The separatist forces are taking advantage of the situation while the Congress and its ally were turning the situation into an instrument to advance their political interests. Corruption and terrorism are equally responsible for the plight of this paradise on earth, the BJP leader said.

Naqvi said both BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi have guaranteed the socio-economic development and security of Kashmir, Jammu, Kargil and Ladakh. “The so-called champions of secularism have caused immense damage to Constitutional secularism. Such political parties have turned secularism into a political weapon and a tool for exploiting votes.” The wave of good governance sweeping from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has already started wiping out these champions of secularism” he said.

Naqvi said the time has come to dump into the dustbin of history the people who had turned the country into a mess. The sycophants, lackeys and parasites in the Congress were in the electoral battle field with the slogan of ‘Save the son-in-law” rather than “save the country”.

Slamming NC leader and Union Minister Farooq Abdullah for his recent remarks that Kashmir would secede from India if Modi becomes the country’s Prime Minister, Naqvi said it reflected the feudal and separatist mindset of the Congress and the National Conference. Kashmir is not the personal fiefdom of the National Conference or the Congress party. The BJP is committed to preserve and protect the honour and self-respect of Kashmir, Kargil, Ladakh and Jammu , he said and asserted that Congress and National Conference were speaking the language of separatists.

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