New Delhi: The North and East Delhi Municipal Corporations are preparing for pre-monsoon arrangements to avoid any inconvenience to be faced by the public, due to water logging during the rainy season; spread of water/ vector borne disease.

Commissioner of North and East Delhi Municipal Corporations, Mr. Praveen Gupta and Mr. S. Kumaraswamy directed the Engineering & DEMS department to timely de-silt drains and cleaning of gali-gratings and bell mounts. The deadline for completion of desilting has been fixed for 15th May , 2014. They also informed that the work of desilting have began and about 50 % work has since been completed.

Commissioners, directed the health department to launch a public awareness programme against water and vector borne diseases and to take strict action against selling of unwholesome food, cut fruits, sugarcane juice and water not fit for consumption to check water borne diseases. For control and prevention of Dengue and Malaria stagnation of clean water in and around houses and in the areas surrounding habitations or work places has been asked to be cleared. They have been asked to ensure proper arrangements of weekly anti larva spray and fogging if required.

The horticulture department has been directed to ensure proper availability of adequate manpower, tools & machinery to deal with the fallen/uprooted trees in the earliest possible time during the rainy season for free flow of traffic and to avid inconvenience to the general public.

Commissioner, Sh. Praveen Gupta and Mr. S.Kumaraswamy directed the officials to ensure round the clock functioning of the Central as well as Zonal control rooms during the monsoon season and they instructed the Dy. Commissioner and A.D.C (HQ) to check the adequate number of manpower and tools & machinery available in all the control rooms. All the complaints received in the control room should be attended in a time bound manner and disseminated to concerned departments for early.

Commissioner, Sh. Praveen and Mr. S.Kumaraswamy warned the officials that in case of negligence or dereliction of duties, the concerned official would be dealt sternly. They also appealed the citizens not throw plastic bags in open or drains which clogs the drains and result in water logging.

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