New Delhi: In a bid to paying tribute to mothers, Google is celebrating Mother’s day by placing doodles on its homepage. A beautiful and eye catchy doodles displaying mothers with her daughters doodle was really impressive on the homepage of Google.

Mother’s day, which is commonly, celebrates by people to show the honor of mother and motherhood in our life. In fact, no one ignore the importance of maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society and thus it is mother day which provide a opportunity to celebrate mother’s day.

According to source, the celebration of Mother’s day began in US in about 20th Century and since then it has regarded as a important day to honours mother and motherhood.

However honouring mother and motherhood has been assumed to be began with ancient times but now it has become a major celebration with the expansion of media and people awareness.

Mother’s day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May and this year today 11th of May is the second Sunday.

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