Ludhiana: Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) recently conducted a media session on various hair myths and their probable solutions. The session addressed by Mrs. Malavika Mukhopadhyay, Studio Manager witnessed the discussion on various hair myths, hair woes and their probable solutions. The event also showcased an interesting live demonstration of scalp test by AHS trichologist. Hair woes have always been an everlasting problem with people. At the same time, the market is mushrooming with numerous solutions, ranging from medications, lotions, oils to home- made solutions.

However the experts at AHS have found that in spite of trying these solutions, people are losing hair and sometime these solutions have further aggravated their problems.With an already successfully running studio in Punjab (Ludhiana), AHS consultant educates the people of Punjab about the life-cycle of a hair, its restoration capacity and at the same time dispels numerous hair myths.

While addressing the issue, Mrs. MalavikaMukhopadhyay, Studio ManagerAdvanced Hair Studio, said, “Healthy lustrous hair is not only a sign of good health but also have great impact on the over- all personality. A head full of hair builds a lot confidence in an individual. We, at AHS, not only guarantee to give the best results in the industry but also promise to give an over-all personality enhancement packages with the best hair tips post the treatment. Being the industry leader, we aim to break some of the existing myths and guide the people in a better way through this session. ”Presently, AHS stands as the world’s largest hair replacement and hair re-growth company offering a wide range of solutions for all hair loss related problems. In clinical hair procedure, AHS offers – Advanced Laser Therapy treatment (ALT) and Strand by Strand the Ultimate while in cosmetic hair procedure, AHS offers Strand by Strand (Cosmetic) and Flashpoints.The clientele of Advanced Hair Studio includes names like Shane Warne, GautamGambhir, Jacque Kallis, SauravGanguly, Kate Elizabeth Hallem, Darren Gough and many more that stand as a testimony to our successful treatments.

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