New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party has said that the mysterious silence of Delhi administration over the reports that the file containing details of Rs 670 crore misappropriation during the Comonwealth Games by the then Sheila Dikshit government has gone missing, exposes the shameless attempts to cover-up a mega scam.
It is shocking that even the union home ministry is treating it as a rountine matter and appears to be showing no seriousness in pulling up the Delhi administration to ensure that the file is produced before the concerned authorities.
The loot in the name of CWG 2010 is not hidden from anyone, but the casual attitude of the BJP’s central government in dealing with this mega scam, which is evident from its reluctance in taking strict measures to recover the reported missing files, betrays its much hyped commitment to fight corruption.
There are no answers even after four years as to why the funds meant for the welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes were diverted towards the Commonwealth Games and why has the central government has so far not booked the ministers and officers responsible for this scam ?
The manner in which the union home ministry and the Delhi administration are trying to duck this issue in unison, it gives rise to reasonble apprehnesion that the recent statement of former chief minister Ms Sheila Dikshit in which she saw nothing wrong in BJP trying to form a government in Delhi, despite it not having the required numbers, was linked to the missing file.
Party has demands that the home ministry and Delhi administration need to come clean on the entire issue, since the BJP central government’s decision to bring back the bureaucrats of Congress regime in key positions, indicates a joint cover-up bid to bury the CWG scam.
The AAP will take this issue to the people and tell them how funds meant for poor people were diverted by the Sheila Dikshit government and how the BJP government is now helping the Congress by allowing the evidence to be destroyed.

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