Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal released two theme based calendars on ‘Heritage of Delhi’- one wall calendar and another table calendar along with diary at Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Old Secretariat. Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia ,Speaker, Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Shri Ram Niwas Goel, Deputy Speaker Smt. Vandana Kumari and MLAs were also present on the occasion.

Delhi Vidhan Sabha Secretary Sh.Prasanna Kumar Suryadevara said that the Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory of Delhi, under the guidance of Shri Ram Niwas Goel, Hon’ble   Speaker, has taken the initiative to showcase the heritage of Delhi through its various publications. This Calendar, being brought out as part of a series titled Heritage of Delhi, is our first attempt in this direction.
Heritage of Delhi:  New Calendars of Delhi Government, released

The Calendar presents the flowers of 12 trees that are all natives of the Delhi region or – like the imli or tamarind – trees that have become naturalised over an immensely long time. (How long does it take to be counted as a ‘native’?) It has taken a long while, too, for horticulturists to recognise that planting native trees makes a lot of sense.

Because they have evolved over millions of years in precisely these conditions – of soil type, moisture and climate – they are  perfectly ‘at home’ in their native environment and hardly need to be looked after. When resources like subsoil water start to become scarce, this is an immensely valuable attribute and we need to learn to cherish all our native trees shrubs and herbs.

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