Mumbai: In a major incident,  Mumbai Rockets came out with flying colors as they won the tie over Awadhe Warriors. What did not work for both the teams was their choice of Trump Match as both the teams lost their important game and going on to lose 1 point each.

As was said when the Trump Match rule was introduced that this will prove to be the game changer in a tie and today the same was proved. While Bengaluru Top Guns won 3 matches and Hyderabad Hunters won 2 matches but the tie was still won by the latter.

Premier Badminton League: Hyderabad Hunters win 3-2 against Bengaluru Top Guns

The Men’s doubles being the Trump Match for Hyderabad Hunters was an exciting game as both the teams fought it hard to get the match in its favor. The first game of the match was taken by Bengaluru Top Guns leaving the Hunters rethinking on their strategy.

Coming back after a two and a half month injury, P Kashyap showcased an experienced game against Sameer Verma and which was the Trump Game for Bengaluru Top Guns. This meant that the win was important for Sameer Verma as a loss would mean that they would lose the 1 point that they had to their name.

The Mixed Doubles between Jwala and Kido from the Hunters stable against Ashwini Ponnappa and Joachim Fischer playing for Top Guns was another exciting clash as the latter dominated the proceedings and won the game for Bengaluru Top Guns and giving their team the much required point on the scorecard. With this the score read 3-1 in favor of Hyderabad.

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