With the Ramnavmi, the entire world is busy in celebrating the Navratri and which is on full is here and so are our excuses to buy new things for our wardrobe! Most of us will be busy deciding about the clothes to wear for the next nine days where we are expected to wear nine different colours. Clothes are still easy to find, but the right accessories to go with them? Did someone say it’s a herculean task?

Ergo, design experts from BlueStone.com tell you which gemstone to adorn and what benefits it beholds.

1. Pratipada (1st Day of Navratri): Cat’s Eye Opal: Surprisingly the color for the first day of Navratri is Grey and therefore the ideal gemstone for this day would be Moonstone. This stone symbolizes fertility, wisdom and happiness and is known for possessing powers of the moon. What’s more -it’s a color that’ll go with just about every outfit!

2. Dwitiya (2nd Day of Navratri): Orange Topaz: The color for the second day is Orange and the gemstone therefore is Orange Topaz. This stone goes well with most colorful outfits and will also bring you good health and fortune! Good idea to invest in one isn’t it?

3. Tritiya (3rd Day of Navratri): Diamond: Nothing beats the beauty and poise of a crystal clear diamond. Since the colour chosen for this day is white, you have yet another reason to indulge in those sparkling diamonds you’ve had your eyes on! Pair your diamonds with a bright dress with lace detailing to add that extra oomph!

Navratri: Know the Benefits of the Nine Colored Gems for You

4. Chaturthi (4th Day of Navratri): Red Garnet: A Navratri celebration is incomplete without the touch of red. This is why a red garnet is ideal for wearing on this day. The rich color of this stone would look best with clothes in earthy and muted tones. It is also known for providing strength and protection.

5. Panchami (5th Day of Navratri) Blue Sapphire: Essentially in the colour of the night sky, the Blue Sapphire is the perfect match for this day. Known for symbolizing love this royal stone could be the reason for all the love that you’d get!

6. Sashti (6th Day of Navratri): Yellow Sapphire: The brightest color, yellow, was chosen for this day. This gemstone appears very royal yet feminine and is known for calming the mind and restoring balance in your body. So it’s a good idea to buy jewellery with this gemstone if you’re undergoing stress and if you’d like a touch of yellow in your pretty jewellery box.

7. Saptami (7th Day of Navratri) Emerald: Who doesn’t like classy green gemstone jewellery? This is one stone that’ll help you stand out in the crowd and yet make you look so elegant. The emerald is known for its healing property of promoting good self-esteem.

8. Ashtami (8th Day of Navratri) Green Jade: The unique entrant among the colours this Navratri is Peacock Green. Confused about what kind of jewellery would go best with it? We help you solve this issue. Opt for jewellery with Green Jade stones in it. The unique colour of the gemstone is a statement in itself and therefore it’ll ensure that you don’t go unnoticed when you step out of your house on this day. Need another reason to buy this gemstone? The stone is called the ‘crystal of love’ as it is believed to have powers to attract love.

9. Navami (9th Day of Navratri) Amethyst: The best was saved for the last! The colour chosen for the ninth day of Navratri is Purple and what better than an Amethyst to adorn you on this day?

The pristine hues of purple and the well chiseled corners are what this stone is all about. Do not hesitate to experiment with this gemstone as it suits every complexion and looks good in every form of jewellery. The stone is also known for bringing spiritual awareness and inner peace.

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