New Delhi: In a bid to give the figure regarding the Child Online Protection in India, UNICEF India launched the Child Online Protection in India Report which provides a comprehensive overview of the current risks and threats faced by children when using the internet and social media.

The report launched states that offline forms of crime and violence against children are finding new forms of expression in the online world and their effects on children are amplified. Being able to stay anonymous online and impersonate others may embolden people into offensive and criminal acts and lower the deterrent potential of laws.

UNICEF:  First comprehensive report on Child Online Safety in India launches

Cyber-crimes against children have many forms including sex-texting, online grooming, production and distribution of child harmful material, cyber bullying, etc. However, to date cyber-crimes against children in India are under-reported and have receiving very little attention and are not included in the National Crime Records Bureau statistics as a separate category.

“This Report is an important step in the direction of child online protection and safety and will go a long way in improving child online protection measures in our country,” said Stuti Kacker, Chair of NCPCR.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), said “I compliment UNICEF and NASSCOM Foundation for organizing the event as Child Online Safety is one of the most important of challenges arising in an internet world. Ministry of Electronics and IT is taking steps to block sites depicting child abuse. However, given the nature of the menace, this requires a collective effort from all stakeholders, including service providers, content providers, civil society and regulatory authorities."

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