Delhi Government to urges for Crackers-Free Diwali to minimize air pollution
In a bid to minimise air pollution, Delhi government has appealed to the residents of the national capital to celebrate Crackers-Free Diwali. Government has said that it is necessary  to minimise air pollution, which increases during this time of the year.

Health & PWD Minister, Satyendar Jain and Environment Minister made this appeal at a joint briefing and requested the people to join the fight against air pollution by contributing their bit in staying away from fire crackers. The government appeal came on a day when the Delhi government announced a comprehensive road map to combat air pollution during winter months, when it peaks.

Environment Minister, Shri Imran Hussain also inaugurated an Anti Fire Cracker Campaign in  the Presentation Convent School, Delhi.During the campaign, school children presented a Nukkad-Natak highlighting the harmful effects of bursting of fire crackers and their consequent damage to the environment by increasing air pollution. The Minister also flagged off a rally of the school children for spreading the message of ‘Say No to Crackers’ among the local people.

Shri Hussain lauded the role of children as the best communicators for making the Anti Fire Crackers Campaign highly successful. He observed that eco-clubs of around 2,000 schools and colleges in Delhi are playing an active role on various environment issues. These eco-clubs during the ongoing Diwali festive season are adequately sensitized for discouraging people from the bursting of fire crackers.

Delhi government has actively promoted the Anti Fire Cracker Campaign by involving all the stakeholders Departments/Agencies viz. Environment Department, Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), Revenue Department, Delhi Police etc. for informing the citizens about the alarming air pollution levels observed during Diwali season due to bursting of fire crackers especially illegally imported/Chinese  crackers.

These agencies have also been tasked to sensitize people about orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court which ban bursting of crackers from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM for controlling air and noise pollution. The Minister appreciated the efforts of these agencies for taking necessary measures in controlling and combatting air and noise pollution of the city.

Shri Hussain expressed hope that the efforts of the government, concerned agencies and people in general will bring down air pollution levels on this Diwali which will be in the best interests of health and safety of  its citizens especially children, senior citizens, and people with ailments.

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