In a significant move which certainly gives a new push to India's committment, it has  ratified the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.India has made it clear that it has kept its promise on Gandhiji's birth anniversary by ractifying the agreement.

Facts in Brief:
The India's move will certaily give a new momentum to implementation of measures at international level to control global warming.

India handed over the Instrument of Ratification to Santiago Villalpando, the Head of the Treaties Division in a special ceremony in New York.

Now India had become a part of the over 170 countries which brought together developing and developed nations for beginning work to combat global warming.
India ratified historic Paris Agreement on climate change

Earlier the US and China had formally ratified the Paris agreement.Needless to say, the move was adopted by 195 parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change last December in Paris.

After India's move, a total of 62 countries have now ratified the agreement which are responsible for almost 52 percent of emissions.

India, which is understood the world's third biggest carbon emitter has shown its committment towards the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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