Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has said that strengthening coastal security is Centre’s priority. He was addressing the 22nd Western Zonal Council Meeting in Mumbai Centre asks Maharashtra to prepare Master Plan for salt land development.

Rajnath Singh emphasized on better centre-state coordination for ensuring foolproof coastal security in the country. Speaking at the 22nd Meeting of the Western Zonal Council in Mumbai, the Home Minister observed that the states of the west coast of India, while being among economically most developed, were also vulnerable to terrorist strikes.
Strengthening coastal security is Centre’s priority: Home Minister  Rajnath Singh

 He said, in the light of the prevailing security environment, it is Centre’s priority to bolster coastal security through a series of measures, including modernization of police forces, better surveillance and acquisition of modern equipment and assets.

The Home Minister said Zonal Council Meetings have been playing an important role in addressing several problems and obstacles. “They are an important instrument of cooperative federalism” he added saying the meetings of all the five Zonal Councils were held in 2015, only a third instance after 1972 and 2005.

Secretary, Inter-State Council Secretariat, Ms. Naini Jayaseelan briefed media about the Meeting’s proceedings and outcomes. The Council reviewed issues relating to coastal security, internal security, issuance of bio-metric identity cards to fishermen & issue of card readers, formulation of plans for countering terrorism, modernization of police force etc. The Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis’s proposal of establishing a Central Marine Police Force was also discussed.

The Secretary further said that other important issues discussed were Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) Mission, surplus lands of Central Government for ‘Housing for All : 2022’ and providing shelters to the urban homeless.

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