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Modi taunts on Rahul: Have seen what the 'quake' is all about
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mocked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks about brining earthquake if he speaks on Modi. Modi said that there is no limit for his happiness as the young leader has learnt how to speak? Modi was addressing a gathering in Varanasi.

Talking the issue of demonetization, PM Modi hit out at Opposition parties and said that the ruckus made by opposition in Parliament for the issue is not separate things like to cover fire that Pakistan gives to terrorists.He said that it was not assumed that the opposition leaders will side with the corrupt on the issue of demonetisation.

Taking taunts on the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, Modi said that he is happy that the young leader is just learning to give speeches. He further said that in 2009, you couldn't even tell what is inside this packet and what is not. Now we are finding out.

It is noted that earlier Rahul Gandhi has mentioned that if he is allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha on the issue of demonetization, it has the potential to cause an "earthquake."

PM also hit back on the former PM Manmohan Singh and P chidambaram for their remarks on the cashless economy and its context. 

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