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 GK Update 2016: Main Events and Military Exercieses
Main Events and Military Exercises are the major parts of the General Awareness for the competitive Exams like Bank PO's, SSC, Railway, State Commissions and UPSC Exams.We have compiled all the major Events and Military Exercieses conducted by Ministry of Defence for the Competitive Examinations.  

India-France Joint Military ‘Exercise Shakti – 2016’was conducted from 6-16 Jan. ‘Exercise Shakti-2016’ is the seventh edition in the series of bilateral exercises. The exercise was conducted in two phases. Both armies shared valuable combat experience on countering terrorist operations in an international environment.

India-Nepal Combined Military Training ‘Exercise Surya Kiran IX’ was conducted at Pithoragarh from 8-21 Feb under the aegis of Panchshul Brigade/ Central Command. An Infantry Battalion of the Indian Army and Shree RudraDhoj Battalion of the Nepalese Army participated.

GK Update 2016: Adventures Activities at a glance

India–IndonesiaJoint Training ‘Exercise Garuda Shakti IV’ The fourth edition of the joint exercise was conducted for 13 days from 10-23 Mar at Magelang, Indonesia. A platoon of an Infantry Battalion from Southern Command theatre carried out joint training with a platoon from 503 Airborne Battalion of the Indonesian Army.

‘Exercise Force -18’, the largest ground forces multinational field training exercise on ‘Humanitarian Mine Action and Peacekeeping Operations’ culminated at Pune on 8 Mar. Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen Dalbir Singh presided over the closing ceremony. The week long exercise saw participation of over 300 foreign participants and observers from ASEAN Plus countries. Lt Col Sofia Qureshi was selected to lead the Indian army training contingent of 40 personnel during this exercise. She was the first woman to lead the Indian Army in an 18-nation military exercise.

‘Exercise Shatrujeet’: COAS General Dalbir Singh witnessed ‘Exercise Shatrujeet’ in Rajasthan on 22 Apr. The COAS was briefed on operational plans and conduct of the exercise by GOC, Strike Corps Lt Gen ShokinChauhan. The exercise is part of regular training where the Strike Corps practices and hones war fighting skills.

‘Exercise Chakravyuh-II’: In a follow up to ‘Exercise Shatrujeet’ by the Strike Corps (Strike One) in April, the pivot formations held the fortnight-long military training exercise,‘Exercise Chakravyuh-II’ in Rajasthan. The exercise conceptualized by the Pivot Corps involved rapid mobilization and execution of plans in sync with the Air Force in desert terrain. It was a success. The exercise validated the battle readiness and operational effectiveness of the RAPID Division along with all its affiliated components.

‘Exercise Jalrahat’:As a step towards achieving the goals of National Disaster Management Plan 2016 released by the Prime Minister on 1 June and with the outlines of identifying high risk disaster areas and coordination between the Armed Forces, NDRF and State Disaster Management Agencies along with other State Emergency services, a mock exercise and demonstration under ‘Exercise Jalrahat’ was conducted on 29 June in Shantipur area of Guwahati on the banks of the Brahmaputra River.

‘Exercise Maitree’:   A joint exercise of the Indian Army and Royal Thailand Army was held from 15-30 July in Thailand. The aim was to train contingents of both armies on conduct of counter-terrorist operations in an urban environment. The exercise was designed to enhance mutual cooperation and interoperability between the two armies.

‘Exercise YudhAbhyas’: As part of the continuing Indo - US defence cooperation, the 12thedition of the joint military training ‘Exercise YudhAbhyas2016’ was conducted at Chaubattia in Uttarakhand from 14-27 Sep. The exercise was in a series of one of the longest running joint military training exercises covering counter-terrorist operations under the flagship of UN for countering international terrorism. It included a series of training events such as cordon and search operation, cliff chop assaults and other training events covering operational activities carried out under the flag of UN Mission.

Indian Army Medical Team Participated in the Joint Exerciseof ASEAN PLUS countries in Thailand in September. Exercise was based on humanitarian action during natural calamity.

India -Kazakhstan Joint Exercise:As a part of India’s continued efforts to strengthen Indo-Kazakh relations, Armies of the two countries had undergone a 14-day joint exercise ‘PrabalDostyk’ in September. The exercise was conducted in Karaganda region of Kazakhstan.

‘Exercise Indra – 2016’:As part of continued efforts to further strengthen Indo-Russian friendship, troops of two sides, participated in the eight edition of Joint ‘Exercise Indra – 2016’ from 22 Sep to 2 Oct. The 11-day exercise focused on Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency operations in semi-mountainous and jungle terrain under the UN mandate. The exercise was held at the 249thCombined Arms Range, Sergiveskey.

‘Sino - Indian Joint  Exercise’:As part of the ongoing initiative to enhance interaction and cooperation between India and China, under the provisions of the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement, 2013, the Indian and Chinese armies held their Second Joint Exercise ‘Sino India Cooperation 2016’ on 19 Oct. This was a sequel to the first Joint Exercise held on 6 Feb in the Chusul Garrison of Eastern Ladakh.

‘India – China Joint Training Exercise’:The sixth India - China Joint Training Exercise “Hand – in – Hand 2016” was held at Pune from 16 - 27 Nov. The aim of the exercise was to enhance confidence and trust between the two armies which may be called upon to grapple with anti-terrorism operations under the UN mandate. The conduct of Joint Military Exercises is also an important step to uphold the values of Peace, Prosperity and Stability in the region.

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