“Nursery Admission: Private schools following arbitrary set of its own criteria”
New Delhi: As the nursery admission has been started in the capital and again the issue has been raised as many irregularities during following the norms for the same. However it is not the new thing for this year, as witnessed every year in the context.

According to the Leader of Opposition in Delhi Vidhan Sabha, Vijender Gupta, “Private schools have started nursery admissions by following arbitrary set of their own criteria. If such arbitrariness of private schools continues, admission of children of economically weaker parents will be in doldrums. Shri Gupta has demanded that Govt. must intervene immediately so that children from economically weaker sections are able to get admission in private schools.”

He said that majority of large private schools have started admission process have preferred for sibling and alumni criteria instead of neighborhood criteria. This has given a serious jolt to all parents who want admission of their wards in schools near their homes based on neighborhood criteria as laid down by the High Court and the Delhi Govt. There is no chance of seats remaining vacant in schools which have started admission by adopting sibling and alumni criteria. Admission of wards from economically weaker sections in such schools will become difficult.

Gupta said that the Govt. deliberately slept for a year and has failed to make law for transparent, honest and fair admission process. Therefore, all large schools have started admission for the year 2017-2018 academic year by adopting their own  arbitrary criteria. There is considerable scope for corruption in this process. The parents, with pockets full of notes are getting admission easily for their wards in schools of their choice, thereby denying the benefit of law on right to education.

Gupta further said that last date for depositing completed application forms for admission in schools is 23rdJanuary. One week of January already having gone, Govt. is still to issue any guidelines for admission to 298 private schools opened on land allotted at concessional rates. As per Govt. Regulations, it is compulsory to reserve 25% seats for children belonging to economically weaker sections in such schools.

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