Noted Hindi Poet Jai Shankar Prasad said that-“You can't stop the way of a superpower by creating hurdles in its way, rather its overcome the hurdles with the double speed and momentum." By the glorious victory indicated in UP and Uttarakhand elections held recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved that he has the caliber to understand the mood of the nation efficiently.

Yes the Assembly Election held in 2017 in UP out of five states, is clearly showing that Modi has once again repeated the 2014 wave in the states. When Parth is going to get clearly majority in the major states of the country, certainly it will prove the supremacy of Modi and his party in the country.

Election result from UP was the center of the battle which will show the way for the coming 2019 General Election in the cuntry. Certainly Modi and BJP President Amit shah has taken early success for the coming battle for 2019.

However things are not good for BJP from the Goa and Punjab, but actually it was UP for which Modi has left no stone unturnes and results shows that he was not wrong in doing so.

Certainly these results are very crucial for specially BJP and Prime Minister Modi as it will be the key factor for the 2019 elections.

However the exit polls trends were not good for the Congress shown earlier. It has projected a hung assembly in Uttar Pradesh and Goa however many channels have favured BJP for its win in these states.

Accoding to these Exit Polls, BJP is likely to lead the chart and certainly it is enthusiastic for the Party. It shows that BJP can made lead in three out of 5 state assembly Polls.

Needless to say, tha battle of UP became interesting as all the political parties including BJP and Congress left no stone unturned during the electing campaigning .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav all promoted their parties aggressively for the electin, and certainly theie eye is on the 2019 electio Poll in mind. UP has alsowas remaind a key factor for the Lok Sabha election.

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