p phi Competitive Times - Tripura Elections Result: How Modi magic destroyed Left hope in the state

Ultimately people of north east have trusted their hope in the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his works and the Modi magic has again continued in the North East States with the major victory in Tripura and Meghalay and also in Nagaland. The result shows that people verdict has kept aside all the negative and fake charges of oppositions and trusted on Modi Magic in these elections. 

As it was expected, BJP has get succeded in the destroy all hops of Left Fronts inthe Tripura Assembly Polls in which BJP has managed to breach one of the last Left bastions in the state. As the trends showing, BJP is all set to form the government in the state. Congress continue its poor performance and the party is struggling to open its account in the state. Congress candidates are remained unable to save their deposits and certainly things are not good for the party in the coming days. 

It is noted that thr ruling CPI(M) has been in power since 1993 and certainly it was big defeat for the party in which it ramained unable to gain trust of the people. Chief minister Manik Sarkar at the helm since 1998 and certainly it was major state for the Left where Manik Sarkar has done well for the party which was in the sate for more than 25 years. 

Not only Left parties has lost it all in the state, the performance of  Congress and TMC remained also petiable in the state where both the parties failed to open their account in the 59 seats that went to polls.

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