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Noted designers to promote Ahimsa Silk and Khadi:The Fabric of Freedom and Harmony
New Delhi:  Social Workers’ Association in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy and with the support of KHADI-KVIC, Ministry of Textiles and Dr. Udit Raj,  MP, will promote Khadi and Silk at global level. This is the dream of our Hon’ble Prime Minister.

This Show will be celebrated on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April 2018 at the Indonesian Embassy from 7:00 pm onwards.

Khadi is actually the National Fabric of India and has always been the guiding and uniting factor for us through the struggle for freedom and led us to independence. This is the best of the organic fabric and has the global appeal; we just need to provide it a global platform. That is why our endeavour to Showcase the Khadi & Ahimsa Silk through Fashion Show at different Embassies and venues of importance to give it a global platform.

This Fashion Show is the best way to showcase the power and appeal of Khadi by bringing in the differently abled designers and the country’s leading designers like Varun Bahl, Rina Dhaka, Charu Parashar, Pallavi Singh and Diksha Khanna have lent their full support besides participation and mentored the women to create some very contemporary and stunning designs and dresses.

Ms. Ishika Taneja, Miss World Tourism India 2018 is our Ambassador to promote Fashion for a Cause.

This association will enhance the presence of Indian fabric to the globe. This will foster many designers to support the initiative that will generate employment to the women at the village.

Dr. Udit Raj, MP said  “ This is the time for elites and designers to outreach the villages to empower the women in particular and I am happy there are a few designers like Charu Prashar, Varun Bahl, Rina Dhaka among others have a heart to get involved in philanthropy and promotion of skill training in rural India. "

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